10 Tips to Help Your Child Think, Learn and Succeed

1. Remember, respect and accept each child’s learning style and approach. Children are unique and need encouragement to find out more about who they are and how they learn.2. Let them catch you reading, learning and managing time well. Do you read books and magazines? Are you taking a course or learning something new? Do you engage your child in teachable moments along the way? All of these teach your child the importance of life-long learning.3. Time, energy and focus are lost in a school supply scavenger hunt. Provide and centralize all materials necessary for studying. Stock up on items in September at the beginning of the year and replenish supplies before they go back to school in January after the winter break.4. Pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff; things like a messy room, hair and clothing styles or them studying while they listen to music. Focus on what really matters and learn to let go of the little stuff. This too will pass!5. Have realistic expectations. Don’t push them beyond where they are able to go, but help them realize their awesome potential. As you affirm them day by day, they gain a sense of appreciation and acceptance about their unique gifts, strengths and talents.6. Be in contact with teachers and guidance counselors. Check out homework assignments, projects & grades at your school website. Draw from the community of those committed to your child’s success.7. Be the parent. Firm/Fair/Fun. Help set boundaries & guidelines that will help them navigate their way now and in the future. The solid, sure relationship and guidance they lean on now will be an excellent model for them as they gain greater independence and responsibility.8. Find teachable moments and opportunities to develop your child as a thinker! Engage them in discussions about current events on a local, national and international level. They are more connected to what’s going on so ask questions and learn the way they see the world. Then you can guide them to help them see things in a more balanced and objective way.9. Watch your words-they have power! Speak to your child in truth and in love. Respect is always a good thing when it’s coming and going and forgiveness is a power thing. Teaching kids how to apologize and to forgive is a character trait that will yield great benefits for the rest of their lives.10. Most importantly, remember that your child is a gift. Discover something wonderful and new about him or her each day.And now I’d like to invite you to get your educational tip of the week.  You’ll receive tips, ideas and suggestions that help you and your children through their educational journey.